PCEA Nairobi West Parish


Our History


Nairobi West Congregation

Nairobi West Congregation became a one Congregation Parish when the larger Lang’ata

Parish was sub-divided into 3 parishes namely: Lang’ata, Nairobi West and Karen. The 3

parishes were inaugurated on 25th January, 1998 by the Moderator of 15 th G.A, the Rt.

Rev. Dr. Jesse M. Kamau.

South B Congregation

The South B church was started in the Mariguini Area in 2007 to serve the people living in the Informal Settlement. Then it was named Mariguini Worship center. The congregation has continued to grow both spiritually and in numbers. On 7th September, 2014, the congregation moved to its current premises, in Vumilla Building at the South B shopping center. The new location necessitated the change of name to PCEA South B church which was adopted.