PCEA Nairobi West Parish



Presbyterian Church Men’s Fellowship (P.C.M.F) is a men’s fellowship group with a clarion call to attract, lead, and develop men to Christ. It aims at transforming men through Jesus Christ

How to join

Membership is open to every man who joins the Church. The membership is graduated along the following three key levels:

  1. Card Level; This is the entry level for all men. Upon joining, one is issued with a membership card. While at this stage, members are walked through a holistic journey that captures spiritual and social facets, all geared towards ensuring a solid grounding on Godly values.
  2. Badge level; upon making notable progress at the Card Level, and having been registered in the Holy Communion Register, one is awarded a Badge; a key insignia of PCMF that accords one a cherished ambassador position.
  3. Tie Level; this marks the accolade of full membership with the Group. This is given at a church ceremony officiated by the Minister, whereupon one also receives the Maroon Blazer.

Roles of PCMF

  • Be a source of Christ’s light to men within and without the Church
  • Draw men to Christ, nurture and equip them with godly attributes to attain a rounded transformation.
  • Equip and offer opportunities for men to spread the gospel of Christ.
  • Mercy mission; extend in kind Christ’s love to those hurting/in need in the society
  • Mentor the Boy Child/Young Men within and without the Church.
  • Bolster men’s bonding with each other so that unity is attained in the church.
  • Champion the society on taking care of the environment.