Health Commitee

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The Church group that provides holistic health care and advice to the Church and the community


To preach health to all communities


  • To have a healthy and knowledgeable congregation
  • To reach out to the neighborhood and community in matters relating to health


  • Health talks in all our congregation including youth, church school and Mariguini
  • Medical check ups and mini-clinics
  • visiting the sick
  • Nutritional reviews


Health Board Officials:

Chairperson                                        Dr. Stephen Mwatha

V/Chairperson                                    Esther Njuguna

Secretary                                            Naomi Ngugi

V/Secretary                                         Marha Wothaya Gitahi

Treasurer                                              Phyllis Njoroge

“It’s too late” is something you never want to hear and you should not have to if you take all the necessary steps of prevention. With so much knowledge about health out there today, eliminating the causes of many diseases is often possible.unfortunately many people do not act until its too late and are left dealing with a diagnosis.
Usually we are forced into the decision-making process when we are very ill, but we should begin it when we are well. We need to look at prevention as a form of cure once we find out that there is no magic bullet, and that we are part of the decision making process, its very empowering.
The lifestyle of the average person these days is that they are always on the go and they are not taking their health into consideration. A few things we can do to make a difference include:-
  • Eating a healthy balanced diet
  • Physical exercise
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Avoid cigarette smoking
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid added salt
  • Routine medical check ups and screening