Boys and Girls Brigade


Boys and Girls Brigade officials

  • Boys Motto: Sure and steadfast
    Girls Motto: Seek, Serve and Follow Christ
    Boys and Girls activities are designed to help them attain physical, social, Mental and Spiritual growth and to encourage them to express what they learn through practical service to the home, community and the church. This group is open to both boys and girls who attain the age of 5 to 18 years classified as follows:
  • 5-8 Years : Explorers
  • 9-11 Years: Junior Section
  • 12-14 Years: Senior Section
  • 15-18 Years: Brigaders



Chairperson                        Grace Wanjiru Muchugu

V/Chairperson                    Joseph Gitau Mwangi

Secretary                             Elias Mwaura

V/Secretary                         Calester Sigara Wamatu

Treasurer                             Lucy Waceke Gakure