25 August 2018, Comments 0
Mpesa Pay bill Account details are as follows:-
Account Name    : PCEA Nairobi West Parish
Pay bill No.            : 566740
  1. Next Sunday 26/08/2018 will be 1 Parish Worship service to Celebrate our 20th Anniversary. Districts on duty & ushering are:- Wilson, Mai Mahiu North & High-rise.
  2. There will be a Walk to celebrate our 20th Anniversary on Sunday 26/8/2018 at 7.00 am - 9.00 am all church members are welcome. T-Shirts for the walk available in the Church @ 1,000 - Polo Shirt and 8oo T-Shirt
  3. All Parish / Congregational Group / Committee Treasurers are requested to submit their 2018/2019 budgets by 31/8/2018.
  4. The church wants to update TEE records. Every member who have ever graduated is requested to INDIVIDUALLY his/her full name, group’s name and the year of graduation to Ev Kariuki (0725977310) or through email;
  5. Thanks giving Sunday every 2nd Sunday of the month
  6. Revival fellowship is held every Thursday from 5:3pm-7:00 pm. All are welcome.

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